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Fiberfix® Heat Wrap , Repair Tape 5cm x 177 cm , High Temperature Resistant 454⁰C (1 Roll)

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Quick Overview

The FiberFix® Heat Wrap Repair Tape is processed for application at a high temperature up to 454 ° C.
Just open the pack, dip it in the water for 10 seconds, wrap tightly and let the Heat tighten the tingling.

FiberFix® Heat Wrap combines industrial strength fibers and special resins into a film that hardens like steel and ensures consistent durability. Using FiberFix® Heat Wrap you can repair items that you could not repair before or were expensive to repair. Do not throw away, repair with FiberFix® Heat Wrap!

Packaging contains: 1 roll FiberFix® Heat Wrap repair film resistant to high temperature, gloves, sandpaper, vinyl tape.

Size: 5 cm x 177 cm

Cure time 1 hour.

Use on: Metal, Rubber, Fiber Glass and Plastic

Dry Color: Sienna Brown

Waterproof and airtight.

It can process with the sandpaper and be painted.

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How does it work

Step 1

Put on gloves to avoid getting resin on hands.

Step 2

Open Fiberfix Heat Wrap pouch and submerge roll in room-temperature water for 10 seconds. Squeeze roll to remove excess water.

Step 3

Begin wrapping Fiberfix Heat Wrap around the item. Fiberfix Heat Wrap does not adhere the same way as traditional tapes. Wrap the first layers with care to prevent slipping. Subsequent layers should be wrapped more tightly. Use entire roll of Fiberfix Heat Wrap.

If you are using Fiberfix Heat Wrap to repair a broken item apply at least 6 wraps over the break and at least 2 - 4 inches of support on both sides of the break.

Step 4

Remove paper backing from metalic strip. Wrap metallic strip around tighten the layers. Leave strip on while Fiberfix hardens. Once Fiberfix Heat Wrap has hardened , strip may be removed if desired, or it may be left in place.

Step 5

Fiberfix Heat Wrap cures with heat. After applying the wrap, heat the treated area to cure Fiberfix Heat Wrap, (e.g. turn your car on to heat the exaust pipe. Use a heat gun to cure the wrap). Make sure your workspace is properly ventilated.


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Can FiberFix® Heat Wrap be cut into small pieces?

Yes! FiberFix® is easily cut with scissors before immersing it in water. Just clean the scissors immediately. If you conserve more than one item, ask for help from your friend so you can have enough time to wrap the broken items before FiberFix® Heat Wrap starts fastening.

How many degrees should be the temperature of the water in which FiberFix® Heat Wrap is dipped?

No! No need to use a thermometer! FiberFix® Heat Wrap simply hardens faster in warmer, slower in cold environments. We recommend that the water is near room temperature, because it has a faster cure time and provides enough time for tape wrapping (3-5 minutes). With hot water you may not have enough time to wrap FiberFix®  Heat Wrap well, while with cold water you will need to wait longer for hardening to reuse your item.

How to remove FiberFix® Heat Wrap after hardening?

We wish you good luck! We have tried several methods for removing FiberFix® Heat Wrap. We tried with emery, acetylene torch burning, torsion, sawing, blasting, but we do not recommend any of these methods because it will destroy everything around which FiberFix® Heat Wrap is wrapped. It is better to think in advance before using FiberFix® Heat Wrap.

The FiberFix® Heat Wrap stick was stuck in my hands. How can I clean it?

Included in the package are gloves to resist the resin, but sometimes it may mess your hands. Acetone based formulations such as acetone can help to clean the FiberFix® resin. Good sanding with an abrasive cleaner or water can help, but it will take longer. If you remove almost everything but remain small spots, they will fall by themselves within a few days.

Do we need special tools to use FiberFix® Heat Wrap?

One of the main advantages of FiberFix® Heat Wrap is that it does not require special tools. Just dip the tape in the water! The packaging includes everything you need to work with the FiberFix® Heat Wrap repair tape.

  •  Nitrile gloves, non-latex, for all allergic users, and recommended when handling the film. FiberFix® is not toxic, but you do not want to dirty your hands.
  •  Sandpaper is included to be used for smoothing of smooth surfaces (especially for PVC)
  •  Vinyl tape is used temporarily until FiberFix® Heat Wrap hardens, providing strong and tight wrapping.

Can FiberFix® Heat Wrap work with sandpaper and paint;

Of course! Once FiberFix® Heat Wrap is fully cured, you can smooth and paint for a more aesthetic repair.

Which materials can I use FiberFix® Heat Wrap?

If you can possibly wrap it, you can repair it with FiberFix® Heat Wrap.  Metal, rubber, fiber glass and plastic.

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