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Hydro Pro® Eco Cotto e Cemento 1 Liter (Protective waterproofer for cotto and cement)

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Quick Overview

Protective waterproofing water-based treatment with an high penetrating power. It is colourless, long lasting and designed for absorbent mineral construction materials. It does not create surface films and it does not modify the surface’s original appearance. It blocks the absorption of the treated surfaces, creating a protective barrier against water, moisture, rains, frosts, smog, etc… This keeps the materials’ transpiration unchanged.

Excellent to protect cotto, terracotta, terracotta or cement roofing tiles, expanded cellular cement and cement mortars, fibre cement, silicate-based mineral materials for thermal insulation. It can be applied on floors, coverings and artifacts indoor and outdoor.


  • No colour variations on treated surfaces
  • High polymerization speed
  • Prevents mould, algae and moss
  • Prevents the degradation caused by freeze/thaw cycles

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Preparation. The surfaces to be treated must be dry in depth, well aged, free of water, debris, dust, oilsor other previous treatments. It is suggested to clean the surfaces with DopoPosa ( with support sensitive to the acids it is suggested to clean the surface with the product AlcaDet). With surfaces with moulds or algae do a restoring treatment with Muffa Contorl Risanante. Cracks or holes must be repaired.
Application. HydroPro® Eco Cotto and Concrete is ready to use and it doesn’t have to be diluted. Apply it with a low pressure nebulizer (0,2 bar) or with a brush or a roll. Distribute homogeneously the product, in proportion to the absorbent capacity of the material.

Yeld: from 5 to 15 m2  per liter of product, variable according to the porosity and absorbent capacity of the material.
Precautions. After the treatment the surfaces can’t have again its original state. In order to verify the compatibility of the treatment with the support and the lack of undesired chromatic variation ( without knowing the eventual pretreatments). It is always necessary to do a precautionary test on a small part of the surface. Protect glasses, windows and in general all  the surfaces closed to the area to be treated. It is suggested to do the treatment with good weather conditions ( ideal temperature: 5-30°C) and protect it from rain for at least 4 hours after the application. Do not apply the product on ceramic, wood, glass, plastic, metal and all the non-porous materials. The wet supports can create a superficial film which hardens after some time. The non-absorbent surfaces must be covered. A surface that has been already treated with a water repellent doesn’t allowed the penetration of other aqueous solutions of silanes and the liquid that has not been absorbed can create stains difficult to remove.

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