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ProTer® Proteggi Terrazza 1Liter

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Quick Overview

A highly penetrative, water repellent consolidating treatment developed with NanoTech technology.
It consolidates and protects surfaces on terraces, balconies, facades and floors, saturating the structure’s porosity. It repairs cracks, crevasses and small fractures up to 1mm. This treatment prevents water infiltrations, formation of mould and efflorescence.

ProTer® can be used on all types of materials: cotto, ceramic, stoneware, clinker, stones, porphyry, cement, concrete, bricks, roofs and absorbent building materials.


  • Eliminates the problem of the infiltrations
  • Protects the grout lines
  • Deep penetrative powers
  • Consolidates and protects surfaces against water and weather conditions

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Preparation. Before treatment, seal any cracks and fill the damaged joints between the tiles. The surface to treat must be dry, free of water, debris, dust, oils and other prior treatments that could adversely affect the absorption of the product. In the presence of surfaces affected by molds or algae, make a beforehand treatment with Muffa Control Risanante. If the surface is newly made, you must treat it 30 days after. If the surface has incrustations and laying residues, stains of paint, limestone or efflorescence, we recommend you to wash it with the cleaner DopoPosa®. In other cases, if there are traces of soils, ointments, oils or greases, first wash the surface with the product AlcaDet. Let it dry and then proceed with the treatment.
Application. ProTer® is ready for use. Apply the product with a low-pressure brush, roller or sprayer, on the joints and in the most absonbing areas, so that the product absorption is deep. In the case of highly absorbing materials, it is advisable to put a second coat at a distance of 8 to 12 hours, from the first one. The surface can be used after 12 to 24 hours after application. White spirit solvents are recommended for cleaning the tools. Protect the treated surface from water for at least 24 hours after application. After 20-30 minutes from treatment, if necessary, remove any exceeding product with a mineral wrap. Alternatively, wash the surface with the detergent AlcaDet, properly diluted, , 48 hours after application.
Yield: 10 to 15 m² per liter of product, depending on the porosity and absorbing capacity of the material. Precautions. ProTer® should not be applied on floors that have been previously treated with silicones, waxes or other water-proofing agents, as under these conditions, the penetration and perfect anchoring of the product may be compromised. The treatment has a surface-consolidating action, it does not solve structural problems. To make sure that no color changes occur on natural stones, it is preferable to perform a preliminary test on a small part of the surface. Applications should only be carried out on well-cured and deep-dried surfaces.

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